Taming the blogosphere with Google Reader 1

What are blogs?

Many of you are wondering what the big deal is with blogs. Well here is a short video on blogs and why they are important/useful:

What’s so great about blogs?

Aside from being able to access specialized information put out on a regular basis, there is one other reason I enjoy reading blogs and consider them to be an essential element in our modern forms of communication.

Blogs help you connect with people.

You learn a lot about someone’s character, thoughts, and passions if you follow what they say on their blog. The trouble is that since blogs are generally authored by one person on individual website it can become time consuming and cumbersome to visit each blog you’re interested in to check for and read any new posts.

How can I keep up with blogs?

The easiest tool I’ve found to help bring a variety of different blogs together into one place is by utilizing the RSS feed offered by most blogs.

Google Reader is a web-based RSS reader which requires a Google account and a little bit of setup, but once you get it going its pretty much automated and will allow you to check a number of blogs without having to spend time visiting each and every website to get updates.

Here is a short video to help you get started with Google Reader:

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