Cleaning up unresponsive script errors

I recently worked on improving performance in a labor scheduling application. The app was originally designed to load all the employees at one time in one large chunk, processing and stuffing the data into various places as needed on startup. This all worked fairly well on average stores with 50-100 employee records until we discovered several stores with 100+ employee records which caused the browser to display an unresponsive script warning due to the rather heavy pre-processing algorithms.

After scouring the web for clues to help me get rid of this warning without changing settings on the browser, I found out that the only way to avoid these warnings was through a pseudo-threading pattern using setTimeout12.

One of the patterns I came up with to process a sequence of commands (such as adding records to a store) one at a time while still allowing the browser time to refresh and process other commands:

var chainedTasks = [
   function() {
      console.log('first set of tasks');
   function() {
      console.log('second set of tasks');
   function() {
      console.log('third set of tasks');

var currentTaskNum = 0;
var isExecuting = false;
var emptask = {var emptask = {
	scope: this,
	interval: 100,
	run: function(){
		if(currentTaskNum > chainedTasks.length) {

		if (!threadIsRunning) {
			threadIsRunning = true;
			if (typeof chainedTasks[currentTaskNum] === 'function') {
			threadIsRunning = false;

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