My daughter loves Minecraft and recently asked me to help her find a mod she recently saw on “DanTDM” s YouTube channel. My kids love watching people play games sometimes more than playing the games themselves. So I did a quick search for “dantdm lion king mod” and found the […]

Minecraft modding hazzards

Many times I find myself needing to keep track of a host on a DHCP’d network where its IP address is subject to change. Here are a collection of command line methods for discovering your IP using both curl/http and dns lookups. HTTP based lookups curl curl -s '' […]

Discover your IP from the command line

I have a project which requires that I process files from a directory that contains hundreds of thousands, even into the millions of files. Enough that performing an ls in that directory is painfully slow so I’ve learned to only perform specific file lookups. Until now I had just put […]

Streaming filenames from an overpopulated directory

Graph storage systems can be pretty hard to grok. Especially if you are, like me, used to relational database systems. Recently I had the opportunity to examine a suite of technologies related to graph storage and I felt the need to archive what I discovered here. My journey begins with […]

Old school graph storage with RDF

Mike is a professor at a reputable university. He teaches advanced machine learning and robotics, he’s finishing up his PhD in computer science, and he always has a new gadget he’s playing with. David is a software entrepreneur. He has sold a software company or two for modest profit and […]

Of Mikes and Davids

I’ve been setting up a Cuckoo cluster and the most tedious part of that involves configuring the guest VMs. To make a long story short, I needed to manually set the IP address of all my guest VMs. At first I started doing this the visual way by clicking through […]

Manhandling windows with applescript

There are a lot of interesting lectures on Youtube. Recently I’ve taken to adding these lectures to a playlist and processing them on my mac using the following script: youtube-dl -o '%(stitle)s.%(ext)s' $YOUR_YOUTUBE_PLAYLIST for file in ./*.mp4; do echo "processing $file" file = $(print '%q' "$file") ffmpeg -i "$file" -filter:a […]

A script to turn a Youtube playlist into mp3s

Recently I’ve taken to participating in a LiveStream of a Sunday School I physically attend. Because I’m there physically I don’t need the video so Here’s what I use to remove the video and expand the chat pane to fill up the resulting free space. $('.player-wrapper').remove(); $('.chat_wrapper').css('width','100%');

LiveStream chat-only mode

I ran into a problem recently where I needed to perform a regex replace on a string and also manipulate the string captured in a capture group at the same time. What I discovered is that its valid to pass a function as the second argument to the replace function […]

Javascript replace on a capture group