WordPress QREncoder plugin

wp-qrencoder allows post authors to easily add QR encoded images to their posts.
This plugin is self-contained (meaning it requires no additional binaries to be installed) except for one dependency on GD (which all hosting providers should provide by now).

To use the plugin simply enclose any daya (such as a URL) in three parenthesis like:

( ( ( test data )))

You can also specify the error correction level to use and the size and type (currently either jpg or png) of image to generate.

Special thanks to the writers of wp-footnote (for providing the syntax inspiration) and the makers of this qrencoder library (for providing the tools to do the real heavy lifting)

Download WP-QREncoder plugin here. Or download the plugin from WordPress’s plugin repository andĀ receiveĀ automatic updates in the future.

Example of encoded string ‘http://www.werxltd.com’