McAfee URL Shortener Chrome Extension

McAfee has joined the URL shortening game (alongside known favorites such as,,, etc.) with their new service, This service is designed to provide the web community with piece of mind knowing that any link referred to by is secure, containing no malware and not pointing to a malicious site.

This extension uses the service which utilizes McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence information. The service allows users to create short URLs, which are checked against McAfee’s GTI databases prior to being shown to the end user – no more rogue short links ( on Twitter going to malware sites.

Right now this extension allows you to submit a URL for shortening to McAfee’s shortner service and recieve a shortened version of your current URL (provided it passes McAfee’s security checks). In the future we would like to check the current page for short links and provide you with a popup giving you a preview of the site that is being linked to.

To download the extension please visit the Google Chrome Extension repository.