Android Bible Flashcards

Bible Flashcards contains thousands of Greek and Hebrew flashcards to help you learn the alphabet and vocabulary words. Based off of the lessons provided by CrossWire Bible Society’s free FlashCards program.

Please note that in the 2.1.5 update, due to a change in how cards are stored and retrieved1, you will need to clear your learned database through the preferences screen.


  • 16 Lesson Sets, 1315 lessons, and thousands of words/cards in both Greek and Hebrew
  • Includes lesson sets used in popular seminary courses. Lesson sets from authors like Bill Mounce (Basics of Biblical Greek)
  • Ability to mark cards learned/unlearned
  • Ability to choose a random card
  • Cards now cycle so that if you are on card 1 and you attempt to go backwards, you are taken to the last card. Likewise if you are on the last card and you attempt to go forwards you are taken to the first card.
  • Menus also cycle so that if you hit the back button you will go from the active card view to the lesson chooser to the lesson set chooser and back to the card view.
  • Preferences to control settings such as card text size, whether to display learned cards, and a button to remove all learned cards from the internal database.

You can find Bible Flashcards in the Android Marketplace by searching for “Bible Flashcards” or by scanning the barcode below:

Screen shots:

  1. They are no longer stored in escaped Unicode in case you are interested in the technical details. They are now stored in their final encoded form which should translate into faster render times. []