Recently I’ve taken to participating in a LiveStream of a Sunday School I physically attend. Because I’m there physically I don’t need the video so Here’s what I use to remove the video and expand the chat pane to fill up the resulting free space. $('.player-wrapper').remove(); $('.chat_wrapper').css('width','100%');

LiveStream chat-only mode

I ran into a problem recently where I needed to perform a regex replace on a string and also manipulate the string captured in a capture group at the same time. What I discovered is that its valid to pass a function as the second argument to the replace function […]

Javascript replace on a capture group

Here is a solution for making simple JSONP requests in ExtJS 4 Ext.define('Ext.ux.JSONP', { extend: '', alias: 'ux.jsonp', createRequestCallback: function(request, operation, callback, scope) { var me = this; return function(response) { callback.apply(scope, [response]); operation.setCompleted(); operation.setSuccessful(); me.afterRequest(request, true); }; } });

Ext.ux.JSONP for ExtJS 4

Here’s a simple message bus/broker I wrote for Ext.js 4 Ext.define('Ext.ux.MessageBroker', { extend: 'Ext.util.Observable', statics: { instance: null, setInstance: function(i) { this.instance = i; }, sendMessage: function(msg, data) { this.fireEvent('message',{"msg":msg,"data":data}); } }, constructor: function(config){ this.addEvents({ "message" : true }); if(config && config.listeners) this.listeners = config.listeners;, config) } }, function() […]

Simple message bus for extjs 4