There are a lot of interesting lectures on Youtube. Recently I’ve taken to adding these lectures to a playlist and processing them on my mac using the following script: youtube-dl -o '%(stitle)s.%(ext)s' $YOUR_YOUTUBE_PLAYLIST for file in ./*.mp4; do echo "processing $file" file = $(print '%q' "$file") ffmpeg -i "$file" -filter:a […]

A script to turn a Youtube playlist into mp3s

Here is a simple web scraping script I wrote for PhantomJS, the immensely useful headless browser, to load a page, inject jQuery into it, and then scrape the page using a user-supplied jQuery selector. page = require('webpage').create() system = require 'system' phantom.injectJs "static/js/underscore-min.js" page.onConsoleMessage = (msg) -> if not msg.match […]

Simple PhantomJS web scraping script

The Why:┬áPreamble Working in the information technology sector, one of the most common questions I get asked by parents is about monitoring internet access of their children.1 Most parents want to know what their children are doing online but also recognize that most off-the-shelf products are just as easy to […]

Hacking your router for effective internet monitoring