it industry

Mike is a professor at a reputable university. He teaches advanced machine learning and robotics, he’s finishing up his PhD in computer science, and he always has a new gadget he’s playing with. David is a software entrepreneur. He has sold a software company or two for modest profit and […]

Of Mikes and Davids

I’ve been setting up a Cuckoo cluster and the most tedious part of that involves configuring the guest VMs. To make a long story short, I needed to manually set the IP address of all my guest VMs. At first I started doing this the visual way by clicking through […]

Manhandling windows with applescript

Here is a simple web scraping script I wrote for PhantomJS, the immensely useful headless browser, to load a page, inject jQuery into it, and then scrape the page using a user-supplied jQuery selector. page = require('webpage').create() system = require 'system' phantom.injectJs "static/js/underscore-min.js" page.onConsoleMessage = (msg) -> if not msg.match […]

Simple PhantomJS web scraping script