Do the images you post online pose a security risk?

Take a look at this report on what may be included in the images you upload for the world to see to find out.

Here’s the abstract:

Unless your digital camera or camera equipped cellphone is more than fifteen (15) years old, the chances are good that any pictures taken with that device contain metadata; which describes the (who, what, where, when and how)conditions under which the picture was taken.  The metadata is stored with the picture in an image file, and goes everywhere the file is copied, uploaded ordownloaded.  This metadata is meant to help us, document the moment a picture was taken, and also to maintain the fidelity of edited or printed copies.  But as discussed in my article on Augmented Reality, once an image file containing metadata leaves your possession, there are a variety of ways in which that same metadata can be used against you.

So, just how dangerous is image file metadata?  In the past, there have been numerous discussion, examples and demonstrations of how much usefulinformation can be extracted from image files.  But publicly, nobody has admitted performing a risk assessment of image file metadata.  I suspect that such assessments already exist, but are probably classified as CUI (Controlled Unclassified Information).  And so, I have undertaken the task of performing aqualitative risk assessment to answer the question.

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