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[HT Bruce Schneier] Here’s an excellent article on the use of biometrics in security system. Here are some highlights. Intro Authentication of a person is usually based on one of three things: something the person knows, such as a password; something physical the person possesses, like an actual key or […]

The Economist on Biometrics

The Internet Corporation on Assigned Names and Numbers recently decided to allow for the issuing of non-Latin domain names. Previously all countries were forced to use the ASCII character set, including countries whose native language included non-ASCII characters. To aid in the transition, ICANN devised a micro-language of sorts to […]

Using punycode to access non-Latin domains

One view of object-oriented programming is that it is a discipline that enforces modularity and clean interfaces. A second view emphasizes encapsulation, the fact that one cannot see, much less design, the inner structure of the pieces. Another view emphasizes inheritance, with its concomitant hierarchical structure of classes, with virtual functions. Yet another view […]

Fred Brooks on the promise of object oriented programming

I’ve been asked by friends and family several times recently what to look for when looking for a new computer. Regardless whether you are looking for a laptop or desktop I believe there are a few guidelines that will help aid you in making your next computer purchase. The key […]

What to look for in a new computer