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It’s been a while since I released Bible Flashcards version 1.0. Long enough in fact that I started getting emails asking whether I intended on updating past the 1.1.4 release.

Well I am proud to announce version 2.0 which includes a lot of requested features and a lot of bug-fixes and improvements. For this release I decided to take my time and re-factor the way various screens interacted, making them more modular and self-contained which should translate into fewer force closes. I also unleased the monkey on my app which helped me improve my code even more.

So without further ado here are the major features included in this release:

  • Ability to mark cards learned/unlearned
  • Ability to choose a random card
  • Cards now cycle so that if you are on card 1 and you attempt to go backwards, you are taken to the last card. Likewise if you are on the last card and you attempt to go forwards you are taken to the first card.
  • Menus also cycle so that if you hit the back button you will go from the active card view to the lesson chooser to the lesson set chooser and back to the card view.
  • Preferences to control settings such as card text size, whether to display learned cards, and a button to remove all learned cards from the internal database.

Some interface items had to be chopped to make room for these improvements. So if you are wondering where the next/back buttons are, they have been removed in favor of the more intuitive gesture controls. Swipe right for next card and left for previous card. Tapping the card flips it over.

I also want to give a special thanks to everyone who contacted me with words of encouragement and everyone who brought to my attention things that were broken and things that could be improved upon.

This release also includes a new lesson set, RossWords, which is being put together by  Samuel Rogers as he takes Hebrew this year. If anyone else is feeling generous  and would like to help out, feel free to contact me about a lesson set that you could help me improve upon or create as Samuel is doing.

Here are some screen shots from the new version:

And as usual, you can find Bible Flashcards in the Android Marketplace by searching for “Bible Flashcards” or by scanning the barcode below:

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14 thoughts on “Bible Flashcards for Android 2.0

  • Daniel

    I’m using android 2.2 on an htc evo. i downloaded your app, but I’m getting a font error- failed loading typeface: null.ttf

    I’m brand new to smart phones, so if you could guide me in how to download the font…or whatever I need to do, that would be great!


    • wes Post author

      Hey Daniel,

      I will be rolling out a fix for that to keep the app from crashing on null (or unset) typefaces this evening. Try it out when you get it and let me know if it fixes the issue you mentioned.

      Thanks for pointing that out to me!

  • Eric

    Thank you very much for this app. It will be very helpful during my quest to learn biblical greek. Question for you: what do the words after the commas of nouns represent? Are all nouns displayed in the nominative singular case with the article or..? Thank you for the help

    • wes Post author

      As for what the data after the commas mean. That depends on the lessonset you are looking at. My guess (blind though it may be) is that it is an indication of how frequent or how many times that word appears in the bible. And yes, all nouns should be in the nominative singular case in the same manner as Bill Mounce’s official Greek flash cards.

  • Clayton Samels

    I’d love to try the app, but I don’t have access to Android Market on my cheap Maylong tablet. Any chance you’d just e-mail me the apk to try it?

  • Sam

    Hello, I’d like to download your nice software but I dont have “android market” and I can’t find it anywhere else ! It’s a pity for such a freeware ! Please do you know where I can download it ??? Thanks a lot. SAM

  • Jim

    Hi. Great app. Only niggle is the font. Greek works fine but in Hebrew the vowels are not properly aligned with the consonants. Is there anything that can be done to remedy this? Thanks.

  • Adam Stocker

    I’m a student of biblical languages and I’ve tried to download your app form android market and app brain market. However, my countless attempts have been unsuccessful. When I try it usually says content is not available or my HUAWEI Tmobile Comet is not a compatible devise. I’m new to the droid world could some one help me????

  • Matt

    I have the Fire Kindle and would love to download this app but the Amazon Market doesn’t have it and they block access to the Android Market. Is there a change you could e-mail or post the apk file? The Kindle Fire allows side loading of programs so all I need is the apk file.

  • Joshua Jaiyesimi

    Can you write a flashcard maker program to memorize bible verses by topic, it’ll be a great help. And if it could run on multiple platforms would be nice too. Thank you.

  • Joshua Jaiyesimi

    This has been a holy grail for me and many others I’m sure. Other programs don’t search the scripture very well, I suppose, and most don’t see this dire necessity, I believe. Help us.

  • Joshua Jaiyesimi

    This has been a holy grail for me and many others I’m sure. Other programs don’t search the scriptures very well, I suppose, and most don’t see this dire necessity, I believe. Help us.