Simple JSON-RPC updated to 0.9.7 2

Simple JSON-RPC has been updated to 0.9.7. This new version includes the ability to enable using full class names rather than simple method names. This makes using multiple classes with the same public method names possible.

To enable this functionality simply add an init-param to your web.xml file like:


With this feature enabled, you then call methods via their full classname + method name separated by a dot (this nomenclature is for both static as well as non-static methods, the framework handles the particulars in the back-end).

Special thanks to Stephan of Cross Pollinate for suggesting this improvement!

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2 thoughts on “Simple JSON-RPC updated to 0.9.7

  • vdzhuvinov


    My name is Vladimir and I’m an author or another JSON-RPC package for Java. I’m a big fan of the protocol, but last year I decided to abandon support for the original JSON-RPC in favour of the recent 2.0 version. Basically for the so-called named parameters that it supports – very helpful for method signatures that have optional parameters or may be subject change in future.

    Good luck with your project!

    PS: Why did I have to register to post comments here? 🙂