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I managed to get an Android powered phone recently and quickly discovered the Barcode Scanner app is a common and seemingly preferred method of encoding and transmitting data in the Android community (and others as well I’m sure).

In less than a week I’ve grown to love the Android platform and I’ve already got a few ideas for some Android apps to write. But first I wanted to make sure I could post links to my apps using handy-dandy QR-encoded images easily within WordPress.

So, borrowing somewhat from the WP-Footnotes plugin I set about to create the first rendition of the WP-QREncoder plugin for WordPress.

This plugin is capable of encoding any string of text (specific use case is a URL) and is still in it’s infancy so I would appreciate any feedback you might have.

Download WP-QREncoder plugin here.

For more information (including usage) see the plugin’s permanent page here.

Oh, and here’s an example of the plugin in action:

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