Getting Maven and Eclipse to play together

I love using Maven for dependency management and code portability, and I love Eclipse as an enviroment to develop in. However, for the longest time I had trouble getting the two to play well together until I discovered the following commands that made combining the two much easier.

To add Maven repositories to your Eclipse workspace (for code completion and syntax verification) run the following command:

mvn -Declipse.workspace=/path/to/workspace eclipse:add-maven-repo

To add an Eclipse .project file to your project run the following command:

mvn eclipse:eclipse

That’s it! You should now be able to import the project into Eclispe. I haven’t figured out how to build Maven projects in Eclipse yet1 so building and testing your code still requires you to use Maven via the command line.

You’ll also need to re-create the Eclipse project file if you add any dependencies in order for them to be picked up properly in Eclipse.

Need more? Check out this site for more on Maven integration in Eclipse

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  1. I’ve seen the plugins but haven’t gotten any to work well enough to rely on. []

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