Getting internet access on the road

This weekend we took another trip back to Augusta, GA to visit family. On the way I decided to continue wrestling with my phone (Palm Treo 755p) and netbook (Asus Aspire One with Ubuntu’s Netbook remix distribution) in order to connect to the internet.

This isn’t something new or unique. I’ve managed to do it before with Windows quite easily but this was my first time trying this using Linux.

While it wasn’t as simple to setup and connect as it was under Windows, using this Bluetooth dial-up guide for Ubuntu and these scripts for Verizon I managed to connect and surf the web all the way from Atlanta to Augusta and back again.

One caveat I found, however, is with the rfcomm0 device. The tutorial walks you through creating the rfcomm0  device using configuration files. What I found is that the built-in bluetooth support in Gnome (blueman) worked just fine to create this device.

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