How to grow your website or blog

I’ve recently embarked on a quest to figure out how to improve my website, blogs, and also how to help our hosted customers improve their websites and blogs too. Along the way I’ve managed to run across several very helpful resources I have posted below.

Keep in mind that these resources are not merely about improving your site’s search engine ranking or placement, but about transforming your site’s content as well for your site’s intended audience. Some of this material also covers some emerging trends with social mediums being thrown into the mix (you do have a Twitter and Facebook account, right?).

Like all marketing, or anything involving people for that matter, this isn’t exactly an exact science. There are certainly many areas you’ll need to figure out for yourself as your audience and site purposes are probably not going to fit neatly into a cookie cutter mold (which is good since such sites are easily forgotten). However, I think you’ll find many of the principles and strategies outlined here to be helpful as you build and market your blog/website.

Know of any excellent resources I’ve missed? Let me know via the comments!

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