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Spurred on by a friend of mine, I recently converted my Acer Aspire One netbook over to Ubuntu Linux, specifically the Netbook Remix version.

Before I made the switch permanent, I was able to try out a “live” version of the Ubuntu system and was pleased to find that it not only picked up all the hardware in my netbook properly but that it also picked up the Bluetooth nano device I use to connect my mouse, phone, headphones, etc. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that proprietary things like mp3 ¬†playback and video codecs weren’t hard to find and install.

I was so impressed that I decided to switch my laptop over, even though the contract I am currently on requires Windows-specific plugins. What I found, though, is that even installing the Linux version of Paralells, Sun’s VirtualBox, was relatively painless.

I’ve always loved Debain but have shied away from it as a primary operating system (apart from servers, that is) because of my memories of poor hardware support in Linux distributions of the past. Not any more, though! I think Ubuntu (as well as other distros) are proving they have what it takes to compete in a real way.

The only thing left to figure out, however, is what I’m going to do to sync my phone (Treo 755p) and figure out how to use my phone as a modem via bluetooth. Oh well, what’s life without a challenge?

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