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Simple PhantomJS web scraping script

Here is a simple web scraping script I wrote for PhantomJS, the immensely useful headless browser, to load a page, inject jQuery into it, and then scrape the page using a user-supplied jQuery selector.

page = require('webpage').create()
system = require 'system'

phantom.injectJs "static/js/underscore-min.js"

page.onConsoleMessage = (msg) ->
    if not msg.match /^Unsafe/
        console.log msg

scrapeEl = (elselector) ->
    rows = $ elselector
    for el in rows
        if el.innerHTML
            str = el.innerHTML.trim()
            if str.length > 0
                console.log str system.args[1], (status) ->
    if status isnt 'success'
        phantom.exit 1
        page.injectJs "static/js/underscore-min.js"
        page.injectJs "static/js/utils.js"
        page.injectJs "static/js/jquery-1.8.2.min.js"
        page.evaluate scrapeEl, system.args[2]

Run it with:

phantomjs "" ".movieTitle span"


Tracking the trackers


MongoDB Security Considerations presentation at MongoSF 2012

Here is a presentation I gave at MongoSF 2012 on unique security considerations for MongoDB.

And here are my slides.

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node.js at Facebook


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Hollywood vs the internet

[HT Forbes]

PROTECT IP Act Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

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How Intellectual Property Hampers the Free Market

[HT Mises Blog]

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Open-source blueprint for civilization

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Ted Talk: Visualizing Humanity with Aaron Koblin

[HT Infosthetics]

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Lessig: Copyright isn’t just hurting creativity: it’s killing science

[HT Mother Board]

The Architecture of Access to Scientific Knowledge from lessig on Vimeo.

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Dan Cathy: High Tech for High Customer Touch

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