Search engine optimization, what really matters

If you want to market your site, you need to know what search engines look for. Google is still the reigning champion of search engines and their PageRank algorithm is what drives the search results that get displayed. Here is a great visualization from SEOmoz that will help you understand how to better market your site to get more traffic:

As you can see, its not just the content on your pages that are important, but the authority and link popularity (incomingĀ links from other sites) that make up almost 65% of the overall PageRank score of your site. In fact, the content of your site only accounts for around 15% of your site’s overall score.

This is where social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg etc. come in handy. The more people that retweet and generally reshare your site, the more popular it gets.

For more information on what matters in search engine optimization, take a look at this post on Copyblogger.

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